BIO..MAN BEHIND THE THE SHADES
Bugatti Joe was Born and Raised in Miami, Florida. The second Oldest of three children. Bugatti was introduced to music at an early age. Bugatti began to take music lessons at church. He participated in the church choir and he also took piano lessons. As a child Bugatti listened to Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley, Prince and Stevie Wonder. His older Cousins introduced him to Hip Hop artists such as OutKast, Ice Cube, 2 Pac, Jay Z, Bone Thugs, Notorious BIG, Uncle AL, Trick Daddy, Pastor Troy and many more. Throughout his teen years Bugatti balance the life of music and sports. In 2006 Bugatti decided to pursue his music career full time and team up with his childhood friend and producer Deakon Scott. Bugatti began to work with artists such as King Colosus, One Trigga, AG, Ls Spade, Jay Buck, Mistuh Mondy, Royal Flush, AJ The R&B General and many more. In 2012 he produced for the Miami Heat Street Band whom were featured in One Trigga's Introduction video from his Mixtape 13th Floor. The major tool that sets Bugatti Joe apart from other producers is his willingness to take risks through experimenting. Also being a master of the keys, his music adds a very rich and warm feeling that is missing in today's music. blessed with a mindset of a go getter and hard worker, Bugatti Joe will establish his name as one of the greatest music composers of our time.

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